Tomo have a team of in-house software developers that write bespoke software packages for the Smartphone Industry under the brand Take back Software Ltd. These powerful tools enable our clients to value complex used inventory lists, predict future handset valuations, procure swap stock and track their inventory through the entire recycling process. Additional desktop tools allow our clients to generate custom reports relevant to their own business needs.

More Than A Website

“Phoenix” is an off the shelf “Buy Back” software system that allows our clients to buy used smartphone devices from the public directly. This cloud based software has all the necessary back-end modules from buying to payment processing.

Track Your Assets

“Bloodhound”  is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that provides asset management tracking for large quantities of devices. The system tracks gadgets through the entire recycling or repair process,  ensuring compliance with EU data, disposal or recycling legislation.

Let Hawk Crunch The Numbers

“Hawk” is a powerful used handset pricing module, that will automatically value complex lists of used smartphones all with different cosmetic grades, account lock status and fault conditions .

Automated Procurement Systems

“Athena” is a procurement system, automatically forecasting stock levels and creating weekly online auctions. Athena integrates with most accounting systems such as: SAP, Navision, Xero, QuickBooks, and Sage.

Market Intelligence On The Used Smartphone Market

“Magpie” is a powerful analytics tool with up-to-date used smartphone pricing, valuation trends, depreciation stats, handset specs and future valuation predictions. All this information has been scraped since 2015 and collated in a single powerful database.