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Tomo Technology specialise in providing bespoke recycling solutions to give end of life technology a new lease of life. Tomo Repair, Recycle and Resell remanufactured technology globally on behalf of leading global brands.

Products we remanufacture include: Smartphones, Smart Wearables, Routers, Wifi boxes, TV boxes, Smart Meters, Games Consoles, Computers, Tablets, VR headsets and other consumer gadgets.


Typically we salvage 70% of devices deemed “end of life”. These devices are salvaged, refinished to “as new” and sold on globally to generate revenue for our clients.


Tomo Technology have been in Technology Repair since 1987. Our software allows customers to book a repair online and track progress.


Tomo use Robotics and other unique machinery we developed over the years to refinish touchscreens, plastics, metals and alloys to return products to an as new condition.


A true circular economy takes end of life devices, salvages them and resells them into new markets globally. Tomo have built a network of global buyers for end of life materials, parts or devices.

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